Nanite Revenge


Mike Smith was temporarily suspended from the University of Neopolis pending the investigation of missing nanites from the school’s science lab. What turned out to be a harmless prank could have been much, much worse. Now here’s Jackson with the story:

The first of his roommates to awaken was Sam. It started with a light scratching under his covers, and then more determined movements until he finally sat up in bed. “What is that”, his voice echoed through the room. He reached for the lamp, but Jose had already beaten him to it.

The light came on.

“Ahhhhhh!”, both men screamed. A solid grey mass that had covered Sam’s body from the waist down was working its way up his body. He jumped to his feet, kicking and screaming and brushing his legs, but nothing could slow their march up the body.

By this time everyone in the room was awake. Sam and Jose were dancing about the room, arms flailing and grasping for an unseen foe, and Erok was writhing under his sheets. Mike’s heart pounded within his chest—partly out of fear for his friends, and partly out of the excitement of seeing them get what they deserved. He didn’t want to seem unaffected by this mysterious invader, so he let out a few screams of his own, and flailed his arms and legs beneath his blankets.

A few moments later all was silent. Sam sat in the far corner of the room, his shorts twisted and his hair a mess. Erok lay on the floor beside his bed still scratching at his legs; Jose stood in the center of the room staring at the large wet spot that had formed on the front of his pajama pants. For the longest time, nobody said anything and eventually all the guys made it back to their beds.

“University officials say they won’t expel Mike, but they don’t want the incident to go undisciplined, and he will receive a time off.

The weather is up next. Low solar activity is expected for the Sol System this next kilocycle, and Sun spots are the lowest in gigacycles—stay tuned for your local forecast.”