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Jewish and Christian believers both use the same Old Testament scriptures in support of the Messiah, but most Jewish believers have rejected Jesus as that individual. In their eyes, Jesus failed to do what they expected the Messiah to do. They perceived the Messiah as coming for a different purpose, to reunite them and to deliver them physically from the nations that had enslaved them. So, their focus was naturally on the Biblical verses that showed Him in this light.

  • The Messiah would build an everlasting temple. (Ezekiel 37:26-28).
  • He would usher in an era of peace. (Isaiah 2:4).
  • He would gather the Jews back to their homeland. (Isaiah 43:5-6).
  • He would fight for Israel and deliver them from their enemies. (Ezekiel 38:16-23).

But Jesus has not fulfilled these prophecies. Not yet.

The Jews were right in that Jesus did not fulfill all the scriptures about the Messiah, but Jesus’ work at the cross was only the first part of the prophetic mountain. Jesus only fulfilled a portion of the prophetic verses about the Messiah because He’s not finished. The back side of the mountain is still to come. There are prophecies yet to be fulfilled.

  • The first peaks of Messianic prophecies spoke of his being mocked. (Psalm 22:7).
  • They spoke of his hands and feet being pierced. (Psalms 22:16).
  • He would be rejected by men. (Isaiah 53:3).
  • He would be a rock of offense for both houses of Israel. (Isaiah 8:14).

How do you reconcile these two images of the Messiah? It seems to be speaking of two different men, but in truth it indicates two different time periods. The Messiah did come the first time to die and offer salvation to all people, and He used the Jewish people as a starting place for this good news. On His second coming He will bring about the fulfillment of the remaining prophecies. He will rescue His bride (the Christians). He will bring judgement for the nations. He will save Israel. He will create a perfect rule of law and peace to the world.