After Having Multiple Seizures Today

Before I tell you our story, I’d like to tell you why it’s important. Vaccines are most often helpful. My wife and I have had many over the years, but they do come with complications. The quote below is from the CDC website, link provided. Sounds like a low percent .0022% doesn’t it? But what about the 9,143? Those are deaths following the vaccine. I know not all of them are due to the vaccine, but some are. And this number does not include other non-lethal side effects caused by COVID vaccines. My wife had seizures the same week she had the yearly flu vaccine and the H1N1 flu vaccine twelve years ago.

The vaccine is a medical procedure that should be made available to anybody who wants it. It should not be forced upon anyone. Forced vaccinations are immoral!

Reports of death after COVID-19 vaccination are rare. More than 414 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through October 25, 2021. During this time, VAERS received 9,143 reports of death (0.0022%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine.

Below is a document I created after Debbie started having seizures. She had several grand-mal seizures, followed by a year of complications and doctor visits, and what you see below is what I took to Mayo-clinic. I tried to include anything and everything I thought might help them find a cause. I’ve not shared this with anyone but the doctor, until now.

Summary of Illness

I thought it might be helpful for me, her husband, to describe the most recent events of Debbie’s illness.  So, I’ll go back to two months before her first seizure.

Prior to first seizure.  For the first 15 to 20 years of our marriage, Debbie struggled off and on with sharp abnormal pain.  We were told that this was due to cysts that would grow and then pop.  A few years ago someone pointed us to Dr. Xiaolu Li in Macomb, IL to help with these issues.  Dr. Li started Deb on some testosterone and progesterone creams, they seemed to really help.  

Dr Li also did a saliva test to check chemical balances for deb, and also prescribed a variety of vitamins listed in this document.  I’m not sure she was ever diagnosed, but one of the doctors along the way said they thought Deb had fibromyalgia.  She has had for many years a lot of joint and muscle pain.  The natural vitamins, along with the adjustment to her diet also seemed to help with the fibromyalgia symptoms.

For about two months prior to the first seizure Debbie had been sick several times.  She had a chest cold for a few weeks, and complained of having difficult time breathing.  She had flu-like symptoms for a week, got better for a few days, and then got sick again.  During this time, she had seen the doctor twice, and was in the ER once with a 103 degree temp.  Over the course of a month they had given her 3-4 tracks of antibiotics, and she still wasn’t getting better.

About a week prior to the first seizure she decided to get the flu vaccine. While she was there, they recommended she get the H1N1 vaccine also, so she did.

Around this time, she had also talked to me about having visual distortions several times.  One time she said it was like looking through a tunnel or a kaleidoscope, and lasted 20 minutes.

The first seizure.  A few days before her first seizure, she had started feeling much better. and that day, she decided to sit in the car, read a little, and eat lunch.  I got a call from her about 2:45 that afternoon, and she was very disoriented, and said she had gotten sick.  When I went to the car to check on her she had vomited all over herself, and couldn’t remember doing it. We decided to go to the ER.

The ER doctors did several test, and couldn’t find anything wrong.  They thought it was just lingering effects and sent her home.  (Note: they did a chest x-ray and noticed inflamed nodes).  At this time, I didn’t realize this was a seizure, I had only thought she had fell asleep in the car and got sick.

The second seizure.  That evening, she decided to take a bath then lay down for the evening.  I went to bed about 11:00 pm.  About 30 minutes later I was awoken by her having a seizure.  Her entire body went stiff, and her eyes rolled up to stare at the ceiling, and she made small jerks with her body and face about every 2 seconds.  A minute or two into this, and she had started to foam at the mouth.  For about 10 minutes, I could not get her to reply in any way.  Then gradually she started to reply back. At first I’d say her name, and she would look at me, but couldn’t talk to me.  The entire event lasted about 15-20 minutes, and by the time the EMT arrived, she was responding and talking, but was unaware of what had just happened, or what day it was, or who was president. She was very disoriented.

She was admitted to McDonough District Hospital in Macomb that night and stayed for about a week.  She had three more grand-mal type seizures (5 total) during her stay there.   While she was there, she had several different types of tests (EKG, MRI, CT scan) and all returned unremarkable.  (Note: She did have one EEG that showed generalized seizure activity). They didn’t have an answer. I asked the doctor if it could have been the vaccines, and he said it was possible, but he wasn’t sure.

Released from MDH.  Deb had a difficult time with the medicines after her release.  I couldn’t tell if what she was experiencing were symptoms of the meds or of the illness.  She was having very slow jittery speech, hard time walking, hearing sounds, seeing various colors, loss of memory, tingling sensations, and very difficult time thinking.  These improved slightly over the week.

One evening after a bath, about one week after being released, I noticed the left side of her face was starting to draw, and she was having slurred speech…so I took her back to the ER because I thought she might be having a stroke.  After filling out paperwork, I went back to the ER room where she was, and was shocked to see her talking and thinking almost perfectly.  Her face wasn’t drawn, and she wasn’t slurring speech, and she was more to her mind than she had been since her first seizure…almost 100% normal.  The ER wasn’t sure what had happened, but they thought it might have been a waking seizure.

After returning home from the ER, she returned back to the same symptoms she had before.  The next few days she started experiencing more of these waking episodes, so I called Dr. Kapoor and he adjusted her medicines.  Still, after a few more days of these waking episodes, we decided to take her to the Great River Medical Center (GRMC) where they could watch her more closely.

At GRMC.  Over a period of about two days, while at GRMC, she had about 20 – 25 of these waking episodes.  They were varied.  Sometimes she’d have visual disturbances; sometimes she wouldn’t be able to move one side of her body or the other.  Sometimes she would complain of not being able to breathe while these happened.

On her last day at GRMC, Dr. Kapoor came and talked with us.  He said he didn’t think the episodes she was having now were seizures, but that they were stress induced episodes.  He suggested we go home and try and relax, and try and remove as much stress from Deb’s life as possible.

Released from GRMC.  After being released from GRMC, Deb has been able to control the episodes. She’s not had any while awake.  There have been several times where she felt them coming on, but was able to focus and prevent them from happening.  However, she has had several of these episodes while sleeping.  She had them every night for about the first two or three nights home from GRMC.  She would wake with a bad dream, and would be paralyzed on one side or the other for several minutes.  These have tapered off, and only happen occasionally while sleeping.  The most recent was in the early hours of December 23rd…she awoke on her stomach face down and unable to move.  She had trouble breathing because her face was in the pillow, but eventually was able to move.

The week prior to Mayo visit.  After talking with her, I believe there are some things she can control, but there are many things that she cannot.  She hasn’t had any paralyzing events since being released from GRMC except those when sleeping. Some of the most recent symptoms are: 

  1. She has tingling in the heels of her feet and in her arms and legs.  
  2. She has trouble visually focusing on things; she can’t wear her glasses, and can feel her eyes refocus a lot.  
  3. She has trouble reading aloud, stutters quite a bit.  She has been able to do some simple reading like Facebook, and other websites, but cannot read a book and comprehend what was read.  
  4. She has trouble remembering some things.  We ran into her cousin at Walmart and she didn’t recognize him.
  5. She has trouble with complex reasoning.  For example, the other morning she couldn’t remember what day it was, and couldn’t remember how to find out what day it was.  She picked up her phone to call and ask me, then realized the date was in her phone.

I don’t want to dissuade anyone from getting the vaccine. You do what you have to do to protect your family. But don’t force others to get it.