Terry’s Tips For Life

I want to share some principles that I use to live life. I created this list decades ago and have updated it many times over the years. I’d like to say that I live by every one of these all the time, but I don’t. I forget sometimes. I get discouraged at times. I fail often. But in those times I try and reorient myself to this list. I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me.

Pray Daily

Read the Bible daily

Focus teaching core biblical values, not fringe doctrines, and allow others to create their own personal convictions about other things.

Follow a daily list. This is perhaps the most crucial of all items. If you are unable to regularly do a set of tasks, you will struggle in all areas of life.

Learn to calm the mind. Control the flow of noise into your mind, and calm your thoughts. It is about filling the mind with the correct things, and controlling the mind when negative thoughts happen. Biblical meditation is a powerful tool.

  1. Joshua 1:8, Psalm 1:2 – meditate on God’s Word
  2. Rom 12:1-2 – be transformed by renewing the mind
  3. Ps. 63:6 – Meditate on God
  4. Phil 4:8 – Think on these things
  5. Phil 2:5 – Develop the mind of Christ
  6. Ps. 46:10 – Be still and know that I am God.

Control your state. Your thoughts are not you. Make them behave and put them where they belong. Identify quickly thought cycles that take you to a negative place. Think about what you’re thinking about.

Love interacting with people.  Find the joy in talking with others and learning about them. Look at challenging people as an opportunity to grow this skill.

Do not assume you are strong because you succeed. All strength and power comes from God. Use the abilities and talents God has given you, but there is no room for boasting, and there is always room for growth.

Don’t bring the pains of yesterday into today.

Transform yourself. Transformation is a lifelong process of changing from what I am to what He wants me to be. Don’t be discouraged because you’re not your future self. Don’t be discouraged because of your past self. Concentrate on your transforming self

Love your life… you only have one.

Be a lifelong learner. Take the opportunity to read and study different things.

Work hard at your current assignment until you receive the next one.

Make the jobs of those you work with easier, including your boss, your peers and those you manage.

Allow people to be angry with you. It’s OK if people do not like you or your actions. The same is true for Jesus.  

Be a producer and not a consumer. You have amazing creative ability. Don’t live your life sitting on the couch watching TV or scrolling through social media. Be the one who creates positive content for others to consume.

Don’t own the emotions of others.

Don’t own the attitudes of others.

Don’t transfer the negative feelings of others.

Speak against issues not people.

Avoid stereotyping. Not all Christians, Atheists, Muslims, Liberals, Conservatives, blonde, tall, etc people are the same.  People are very different.

Stretch your muscles every day

Eat your nutrients. Look for a variety of nutrients in the foods you eat.

Maintain a regular workout.